Having trouble choosing the right size? We’re here for you!

At Toasties, comfort is an absolute priority.

We want to make sure every Toasties buyer has the best online shopping experience. That’s why we have created a size guide to help you find the right size.

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Nice & easy: here is our 3-steps process to find your perfect gloves’ sizing:


1. Measure around


Wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your hand. Make sure to use your dominant hand (right hand if you’re right-handed and left if left-handed), and record the size of your hand at this point in centimeters.


2. Measure lengthwise


Spread your hand and fingers and place the measuring tape at the top of your middle finger. Then stretch the tape down to the base of your hand, holding it to where your wrist begins. Again, record the length of your hand at this point in centimeters.


3. Use our Toasties table chart to convert your size in cm in Toasties’ sizes

Size Distance from middle finger to wrist  Width palm
S 17 to 19 cm (adjustable hem) 10 cm
M 19 to 21 cm (adjustable hem) 11 cm
L 21 to 23 cm (adjustable hem) 12 cm

Please note that fitting can vary a little depending on the nature of the wool and suede. The suede will stretch and adjust to your feet over time, especially if they are slightly tight to begin with.

NB : Metallic colors might be a bit tighter that the plain suede ones.




All our insoles are ready-to-cut. You will find all sizes directly printed on it. We advise you to start cutting your insoles step-by-step, to avoid any mistakes.

S (Kids) (19-35 EU)

M (36-41 EU)

L (41-46 EU)



For hats, they are all based on a universal sizing : 57-58 cm

Please note that sizes can vary a bit regarding the type of wool used for our products (Spanish, Australian or Iceland). We will advise you accordingly but if you still have a doubt, contact us at: