We are JOYFUL, SPONTANEOUS, and a bit CRAZY. We are tirelessly in LOVE with SHEEPSKIN, mad with COLOURS and obsessed with NATURE. We hate feeling COLD and UNEASY in our clothes and accessories, that’s why we think FASHION should be made for CONFORT and FUN.

That’s also why we created TOASTIES.
For the Love of Sheepskin and fashion.
Wanna join our crew ?
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Creating a product for the sake of creating it is not our cup of tea.

At Toasties, each accessories we develop is useful and respond to a special need, whether it is riding your bike in winter without having your hands frozen or keeping your feet warm in your winter sneakers.



At Toasties, our signature is our pop colour palette made of vibrant and dazzling colours for everyday occasion.

From our iconic fluo tangerine to our bubblegum pink or mimosa yellow, every Toasties colour comes from many inspirations expressing our joyful DNA.

To feel the complete experience of Toasties iconic colours, click here



« Nothing warms better than a real sheepskin ».

Sheepskin is a noble material coming from a genius animal.

At Toasties, we make sure each sheepskin we select matches with our high standards quality.

From Spain to Iceland and Australia, we only use the best sheepskin having its very own specificities :  

  • Merinos : the most light-weighted, fluid and soft sheepskin on earth, just perfect for our small and practical accessories. We love the natural curly touch of this sheepskin that gives a unique look to our iconic products.
  • Australian sheepskin : the most durable of sheepskins.

A dense, resistant and thick sheepskin, just perfect for our long-lasting home accessories or iconic bike seat-covers.

  • Iceland sheepskin : with its gorgeous curls and quite thick wool, Iceland sheepskin is actually the cool go-between Merinos and Australian sheepskins, with a smooth quality of leather. Its irregularities makes it even more interesting and beautiful for our cosy sock slippers.



“It’s really Haute-Couture for sheepskin! ”

At Toasties, we have developed a unique “savoir-faire” to design our sheepskins accessories that are made to last.

Manufactured in Paris and Portugal by experts, we have developed together with our partners special techniques to cut and optimize sheepksins in order to create our high-quality iconic products. 

Step by step, we hand-select, cut, optimize and sew each sheepskin with a special “savoir-faire” coming from craftmakers who celebrate beauty and uniqueness of this unique material.

From our cosy insoles, to iconic gloves, mittens, slippers, hoods or phone cases, our products aim to spice-up your daily routine with style, for all your lifetime.

Toasties’ touch: the invisible seams

At Toasties, we stand for product excellence and perfect finishes. We want our products to be as beautiful outside as inside.

Sewed with an historical iconic machine created in New York at the beginning of the twentieth century, all our products are manipulated with experts hands in the cleanest and most sophisticated way.