Booties "Teddy" Baby


The teddy version of the baby booties is out now!


  • 100% Merino sheepskin from Spain
    • inner: suede
    • outer: wool
    • sole (inner): wool
    • sole (outer): suede


  • polyester laces


  • wool length: 10-12 mm
  • wool: curly
  • coloration: dyed
  • tanning & dyeing: South West of France
  • made in Portugal


  • One size: (0-12 months): dimensions of sole: 12 cm x 6 cm

Please note that fitting can vary a little depending on the nature of the wool and suede. The suede will stretch and adapt to the feet over time especially if they are tight to begin with.


  • Leather specialist cleaning 

Check out our care tips here


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Every sheepskin is carefully selected, measured and hand cut to optimize use of the whole skin. Our aim is to use the entire skin with minimal wastage to produce each unique handmade TOASTIES product. Cherish it to make it last.
The distinctive characteristics of each sheepskin may show slight variations of colour and texture from one product to another 
🐏🌈 Just like in nature, each product is unique 🐏🌈